Consumer India

Inside the Indian Mind and Wallet

An Insight book on changing India, looks at commerce in India through the eyes of the culture

Consumer India – Inside the Indian Mind and Wallet

Today’s India is seeing things it has never seen before – medals in Olympics, cheerleaders in cricket, ready-to-cook pastas, kissing scenes on national television, institutes for airhostesses, fairness creams for men, agricultural tips on sms and marriages arranged on the internet. In Consumer India, Dheeraj Sinha weaves the narrative of a changing India through examples of Bollywood, our cultural conditioning, today’s role models, our behavior as consumers, and the role of brands and marketing amidst all this.


How does a culture that has been taught to be wary about money now respond to its abundance—what implications does this have for finance brands? Does Kakaji Namkeen qualify as a brand? It sells the same wafers (well, almost the same) as Lay’s does, gives more value for the money, and spends nothing in advertising. Can a mass brand have a premium offering in India? What is it about caller ringtones that makes them such a success? India is about its large middle-class consumers, but isn’t there a profitable premium segment emerging? In a country where everyone is feeling young, what happens to the real youth?


Like everything else in India, marketing too is part logic, part gut. Drawing upon facts, fiction and personal experience, Sinha unravels the interconnections between the mind and the wallet of today’s Indian consumer. A practitioner’s account of what Indian consumer wants—from the playing field, not the sidelines.

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List of Chapters

Transforming the Karma How Cultural Forces Are Shaping Consumption

The Currency of Emotion The Meaning of Money and the Making of Financial Brands

Beauty in Action The Business of Looking Good

Masala Media Entertainment for Taste Buds

Meaningful Technology The Cultural Circuitry of Technology Products

Branding the Bazaar The Logic of Indian Brands and Retailing

Youth versus Youthful Building Youth Brands in a Youthful Country

Seamless Savitris The New Indian Woman and New Market Opportunities

Small is BigThe Trajectory of Small Town and Rural India

Three Generations, One Big Market Opportunities in a New Segmentation of India


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